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October 13, 2022

What triggers an office renovation or refurbishment?

These are some of the occasions when we have found that clients reach out for our office refurbishment services. Let us know if any ring a bell for you. 

  • Your lease is due to expire and you are not sure whether to remain or relocate.
  • You are thinking of splitting your organisation into different functions.
  • You’re considering giving up part of the office or sub-letting it which would mean breaking up the space differently
  • You’ve been to competitors offices and been envious of their office space. #welljel
  • You think you may run out of space in your existing office
  • You are aware that rearranging the current layout of your office space could make it more practical, particularly to support new ways of working
  • Employees complain about the lighting in the office, the creaky floor, the staff kitchen or the lack of space for breakouts/downtime/wellbeing  
  • The office furniture that you have was never designed to be ergonomic and needs to be changed before the whole team have bad backs or neck strains!
  • You are facing issues with staff morale and productivity and know that the current office space is uninspiring.
  • You’re struggling to recruit and feedback has indicated that the office space could be a factor in candidates decision not to join you.
  • The energy efficiency of your office could be improved. Very topical right now with the rising fuel prices potentially becoming a trigger for choosing not to continue in business

Diamond Interior Contracts offer a free consultation at your premises. Our CEO Steve Pearce has been in this business for 40 plus years and is very generous with his time and advice. Let’s discuss how little improvements can be made in many areas of your office to bring a big change for the better.

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