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January 6, 2023

All you need to know about acoustic panelling

What do we often have high on our wish list alongside ‘more time’…… yes, it’s a little peace and quiet.  This is particularly quoted by parents of young children! 

In a standard office workspace peace and quiet is hard to find. There is the constant hum of computers, tapping of keyboards, the sound of phone calls and talk amongst the team. We are familiar with white noise and subconsciously tune it out. However, there are also more obtrusive distractions such as the one colleague who is just naturally louder in tone than anyone else in the room.

They can be hugely distracting when they are on the phone or even in face-to-face conversation. Your office location might just be noisy, beside a busy road or due to machinery running.

Bring out the acoustic panelling!

Used in the film and audio industry for years, acoustic panels are intended to reduce noise by absorbing it. They reduce echo and absorb sound just as softer materials like carpet and soft furnishings absorb sound waves. 

The most common and cost-effective acoustic panel material is foam, which can be then covered by cloth to add an aesthetic appeal. The foam is pressed into flat strips and can be cut into pretty much any shape. The beauty of foam acoustic panelling is that they are lightweight – The heavier and denser the material better acoustic properties it possesses, the cost of this is less portability, it’s usually more expensive and will require greater investment to rig up.

Other features:

Acoustic panels can also be moisture regulating

The materials can help absorb moisture in the air to enhance the climate of the space, creating a more pleasant environment in the office.  

Acoustic panels can be insulating

The makeup of some acoustic panels means they have natural insulating properties, helping to keep the space cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Excellent news as summers hot up and energy prices continue to rise.

Diamond Interior Contracts have experience procuring and installing acoustic panels. We are an accredited installer of the new Zentia Sonify range and we also install products from the Rockfon, Ecophon and Shush ranges depending on suitability. We have recently installed wall panels at the Dreadnought building for the University of Greenwich, in a building that was the old seaman’s hospital! As you can imagine, a large and potentially echoing space.


Acoustic panels can be used on the walls or ceilings and applied in a range of configurations to achieve a look you are happy with and maximum effectiveness.

The panels can have colour treatments applied so you can have almost any colour or pattern printed on the panels. They can therefore become a feature in the room. 

If improving the sound quality of your workspace is something you are interested in for productivity improvements and general office comfort in 2023, please do get in touch. Drop us an email to and we’ll come out for a no-obligation site visit, consultation and quote.

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