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April 18, 2023

Top Tips for your office renovation

3 Top Tips For Your Office Renovation

We have over 48 years of experience in office refurbishment and renovation so in that time we’ve learnt a few things! You have to be a master of project management to minimise office disruption and maximise use of the space. A well-designed office can improve productivity and the whole customer and employee experience can be taken up a notch, with an impact on the bottom line.  

Here are 3 top tips:

  1. Your reception area sets the tone
    A well planned reception area is welcoming and comfortable. It sets the tone of your brand identity. Furniture must enable people to sit separately, comfortably, be easy to keep clean and enable disabled people to move around easily.
  2. Practical storage solutions aid productivity
    Just as at home, practical storage makes daily life easier in the office. Storage should be easy to access and large enough to accommodate all size of items that need to be stored out of sight. It’s important for data security as well as for the general perception of your organisation. You want to appear smart and sophisticated not shambolic and disorganised! A streamlined storage system can definitely aid productivity.
  3. Appropriate task lighting makes jobs easier
    A poorly lit work environment can impact on health and wellbeing. Eye strain, headaches and low motivation can be caused by poor choice of lighting. Just like your staff you don’t want lighting that is too dim or too harsh!

    A good office design will maximise natural light where it is available. Shading must be considered as effective shading (whether blinds or shutters, internal or external) can keep out drafts, keep in heat and impact on energy costs, which have been make or break for many companies in the past 12 months.

    Diamond Interiors are passionate about helping employers to create workspaces that make worklife more efficient and more pleasurable. Spaces that are designed with both employee and clients in mind. Your renovated workspace is a tool in your armoury for improving productivity, retaining talent and building positive client relationships.
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