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October 21, 2022

Employers, how do we minimise your pain during a renovation?

The first question we are often asked is:

Can my employees keep working while we renovate your office/warehouse/shop/hospital?

Most refurbishment projects have to be undertaken while the building is occupied. This is a request we are used to accommodating. Our building works can usually be scheduled in stages so that the occupants of the building are not all inconvenienced at the same time and we can move you around between work-free zones. We may arrange with you to temporarily relocate staff to boardrooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms, etc while the works are being performed. When a stage is finished, we can relocate all your workstations, furniture and equipment back into your new, clean, exciting space.

How do we minimise your pain throughout your building renovation works?

When Diamond Interior Contracts come in to carry out an office refurbishment, how do we minimise the pain for you? 

We plan, in advance:

By agreeing a project plan with you we can agree a time that suits you to start, and a target end date. This has been critical on many of our projects for example university and school refurbishments when work has to be completed in the holidays and the back to school date can’t be changed!

We seal off our work zones:

Once we have seal off the refurbishment zone in which Diamond Interiors will be working, the rest of your office floor can maintain normal business operations. Contemporary containment ‘barriers’ are put up to isolate our work area. They hold back the dust, stopping it getting onto your desks and into computer equipment. Our temporary containment barriers are adjustable and heavy-duty to really seal off any areas being renovated. By containing the dreaded ‘builder dust’ we save clean up time and expense which is good for us and you!

We minimise noise disruption:

We are considerate constructors. Where we can keep noise down to a minimum, we will. If you tell us that there are days and times when we can’t use noisy equipment, we’ll build that into our project plan and make sure it’s communicated to our team. 

We manage the contractor dependencies

Diamond Interior Contracts bring in all the contractors that are needed for your job whether it’s bricklayers, joiners, decorators, electricians, flooring experts or other trades. We manage the complicated dependencies between their tasks and ensure dependencies between them are identified. So much of taking the pain out of your renovation jobs is knowing that X can’t do their task 2 until Y has completed their task 4. Our experience in project management and refurbishment projects means this is second nature to our site managers.

We communicate!

Diamond Interior Contracts are the exception in the construction world as we are great communicators! We will tell you when the job is going to start, a target date for it to end and we keep you informed throughout the contract of any changes that might affect those dates.

Diamond Interior Contracts always offer a no-obligation site consultation so can advise on your specific project. Email to book a date using or call us on: 07790 909531

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