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November 26, 2021

Commercial Interior Design Partnership

A dream partnership for interior refurbishment 

When Diamond Interiors were asked to quote for the redesign and refit of office space for a large recruitment company in St Martin’s Lane, London, we knew the design had to be extra special. Diamond Interior Contracts have had a long and successful working relationship with Louise Coombs, Commercial Interior Designer at ‘The Jones London Ltd’.  Louise has a degree in Interior Architecture and over 20 years in the industry. She really gets to the hub of what organisations need from their office space.

As she says succinctly of the changes since Covid:

‘No longer do you need a sea of desks in a soulless environment - staff are expecting more from their place of work - and more choices of where they can work. Agile breakout working areas within the office / collaboration spaces for staff to brainstorm / quiet focused working areas are all becoming common place. The office will essentially be a place for staff to come together. The biggest asset to any company is its staff - and providing them with the facilities to work smarter will only aid to increase productivity.’

The design that was put forward had a focus on: 

  • sustainability: re-using existing furniture where possible to reduce waste
  • practicality: staff now need ‘zoom booths’ to conduct online meetings. Communal areas will get lots of traffic and desks need to feel personal even if shared
  • agility: the organisation are only planning for staff to be in 60% of the time
  • flexibility: areas are required for staff refreshment breaks, time alone, meetings with clients and delegates, docking stations, hot desks, private calls, team meetings.

‘The Jones London’ smashed the client presentation, delivering not only a design thought out for recruiter’s needs but also taking into account teams with different individual personality types and how they use an office space. Different floor finishes and colours define different zones while dividers are used to carefully section off spaces. 

This made it easy for Diamond Interior Contracts to talk about our part of the project which is delivering a beautifully finished, easy to live with space that can be maintained without effort over time ensuring longevity of the refurbishment and minimising waste. A space that is not just sophisticated and modern but practical too with acoustic noise management, carefully considered task lighting and a flexible fit-out. 

Handing over work to a freelance partner can feel like a risk but once you find a partner you are personally happy to work with and you know will deliver for your client then it makes the whole project easier. You bounce ideas around, share concerns which shake out solutions and instantly have a wider network of contacts to call on. 

There will be the normal complexities of keeping a company running while making physical changes to the employee’s working environment – not just lifting the carpet tiles from beneath their feet but moving the desk too! That’s where 40 years of interior refurbishment experience comes firmly into play and where Diamond Interior Contracts have the project management skills to know they can confidently keep these recruiters busy recruiting while they put in a place an office environment to help them grow.  

Contact details:

Steve Pearce at:

Louise Coombs at:

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