April 7, 2022

The residential property market in 2022

The residential property market in 2022 - the perfect time to stay put !

House prices in 2020/21 really surprised most of us. Despite a global pandemic which appeared to be the precursor to economic disaster, house prices rose and by the highest rate seen in years. In the UK average house prices had risen by 9.6% Year on Year to Jan 2022 and in many areas, are still on the up. Current price rises in the South East where Diamond Interior Contracts are based is being fuelled by a lack of available properties for sale. The stamp duty holiday had generated supply and demand in unforeseen volumes. Since that ended effectively in June ’21 with the end of significant savings, there has only been a slow trickle of properties to the market. Most properties coming onto the market are the sad results of ‘death, divorce or debt’ as we once heard an estate agent say, with a little too much glee.

What does this mean to you? It means that you could sell your home for a price you may never have thought possible but the next home you fall in love with is also at an all-time high in terms of price. So, unless you are downsizing or moving to a cheaper location, there are no financial gains to be had. This makes it the optimal time to look at how to maximise the space you already have. Options are:

Materials prices are indeed high at the moment but unlikely to go down any time in the near future. We do seem to be over the shortage of supply that we experienced in 2021 when things like cement and plasterboard were being rationed by the local supplier’s yard. Good builders and related trades are, as always, hard to get hold of. At Diamond Interior Contracts we have a team that have been in business together for over 40 years. We are experienced in project managing large-scale commercial construction projects but just as happy to turn those skills to a residential project. With our project management skills comes a network of trusted contractors who we can draw on for every aspect of your home renovation project whether that’s electricals, carpentry, painting and decorating or general building and groundworks.  

We are avid watchers of all the TV home shows. On ‘Love it or List it’ it is rare to find homeowners who don’t want to ‘love it’ and stay after they have carried out extensive home renovations. This may take the form of knocking down walls to create a better flow, adding a new floor, a new bathrooms or a new kitchen and redecorating. Diamond Interior Contracts can help you with all of that so let’s take an objective view of your home together and see whether we can make it your dream home. Together we can take away all the stress of moving home and maximise the value in your current property. 

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